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Thomas E. Rossmeissl, Attorney at Law


Clients choose Thomas E. Rossmeissl because he provides excellent service, is responsive to their needs, and is prompt in answering their questions. He brings his extensive experience in estate planning, trust and estate administration, and in successfully litigating complex disputes, to help solve clients problems and bring them peace of mind.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process that covers more than simply who gets what after you die.   It also involves carefully selecting the right people to make financial and medical decisions for you if you become unable to make them for yourself, selecting the right people to raise your children if because of death or incapacity you are unable to do so.

I work with clients across the economic spectrum. Regardless of wealth, many of the issues are the same: protecting the family and loved ones in the event of death or incapacity, ensuring that wealth is inherited in a way that makes sense for each beneficiary, and making it as easy on the family and loved ones to administer the estate after a death.

I take time with each client to ensure that I understand the client’s goals and objectives and that the estate plan I prepare meets those goals and objectives. I provide counsel to clients on various estate planning strategies, from selecting appropriate fiduciaries to make financial or medical decisions or raise the children if a parent is unable to do so, to various strategies for transferring wealth to the next generation.

I prepare revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, powers of attorney, advance healthcare directives, wills, nominations for guardians, and other instruments to achieve these goals.

Trust and Estate Administration

I work regularly with families and fiduciaries in the post-death administration of trusts and estates. I am skilled in taking matters through the probate administration process, as well as the more efficient, private, trust administration process.

I have also achieved significant success in bringing solutions to clients who are hampered by outdated irrevocable trusts. I have obtained court-approved modifications to irrevocable trusts so that the beneficiaries are not shackled with trusts that no longer achieve the original intended goals.

Trust and Estate Litigation

I represent fiduciaries and beneficiaries in trust and estate related disputes, advocating for my clients to ensure that the trust and law are properly followed and that the beneficiaries receive all that they are entitled to receive. I am skilled in recognizing where trust and disputes can and should be resolved through cooperation, compromise, or mediation. I have successfully resolved many difficult and heated disputes through mediation and settlement, and I have also successfully taken disputes through trial and appeal.

Experience You Can Trust

San Jose attorney Tom Rossmeissl works closely with each client to understand the client’s unique circumstances and to develop and implement a strategy to achieve that client’s goals. Whether in estate planning, solving a problem during a trust or estate administration, or in litigation, Tom is a zealous advocate to help his clients succeed.